Dress Code

We cannot stress enough the importance of the way one dresses – especially in Cheder. It is not enough for one to act like a תורה בן – one must look like one as well. When one feels from the way he dresses that he is a special part of the ‘ה עם ,he will most definitely act and talk in a more refined way.

The following is what is expected from our talmidim:


תלמידים of ‘ח’-א כיתות are required to have a collar on all shirts. Solid color sweatshirts (see below) or sweaters may be worn. T-shirts, shirts with pictures, messages, numbers or over-sized logos

are not permitted.

מצוה בר bochurim, from when they start wearing תפילין ,are expected to wear a white shirt – without any color (including on the collar, button hole stitching, or sleeves, etc…). 

On חודש ראש all תלמידים are asked to wear white shirts in order to show proper כבוד for the day.


For ‘א כתות and up, pants should be dark coloured, loose fitting and not straight or tight. This excludes jogging pants, jeans or sports uniforms. Shorts that cover the knee are permitted for

.כתה ג’ through Talmidim 


Yarmulkes should be of a dark color (black, blue) large enough to cover the slope of the head and not merely be sitting on top. Only Hebrew letters or words, or pictures of a Yiddishe nature

may be on the Yarmulke. No bobby pins may be worn, except during recess time or gym.


Leather shoes or sneakers should be a dark colour. For ‘ח’-ו כתות they must be all black, without any traces of white or any other colour, including the bottom of the shoe. High top sneakers,

crocs, natives, wheelies and the like should not be worn.

Baseball caps – not bearing any sport team logos – may be worn outside only, or in the gym.

מצוה בר Bochurim – in addition to wearing a completely white shirt – are expected to wear a hat and jacket. Hats and jackets must be worn during davening and should be worn whenever they leave the building and are out on the street. We respectfully insist that the Bar Mitzvah Bochurim wear their hats and jackets to and from Mishmor the entire year.


The only sweatshirt that is allowed to be worn is the Cheder sweatshirt. Any other sweatshirts with pictures, words, logos, may not be worn. Sweaters of a dark colour that have no writing or pictures at all, may be worn after consulting with the Menahel/S’gan Menahel. ‘Cheder Sweatshirts’ can be ordered through the Cheder office at any time. If you place your order now, we can have the sweatshirts ready for the new school year, ה”אי.

Please avoid the frustration of buying clothing or shoes that do not fit these guidelines and being told that they will not be permitted to be worn at the Cheder. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and sensitivity in these matters.

Because it is very difficult to give a complete set of dress code guidelines, please understand that it will remain at the discretion of the הנהלה to determine whether a particular item is considered appropriate dress style for the school. We are confident that we will have your complete cooperation since we know that our parent body wants an atmosphere that reflects the תורה values of dignity and refinement.

In line with this, we respectfully request that all relatives of our תלמידים come to school dressed in a manner befitting the atmosphere of our Cheder. We request that women adhere to strict הלכה guidelines. In general, dressing in a bakovodik manner reflects sensitivity to the קדושה and ארץ דרך of our Cheder as a תורה מקום.

The office will notify parents whose children arrive in clothing that do not conform to the dress code. They will be asked to bring a change of clothing to Cheder – but if not possible, reminded to send their children in the appropriate clothing on the next day.