Rabbi D. Engel

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As I contemplate the last 12 wonderful years here at the Cheder, I would like to give שבח והודאה to the בורא עולם for enabling the Cheder to grow and reach great heights. Our Cheder truly doubled in size, not only in כמות but in איכות as well. 

People sometimes ask, what makes our מוסד special? I think that there are five factors: Firstly, Rabbi Gopin, שליט”א and Mrs. Ehrentreu, תחי’, our הנהלה of לימודי קודש and חול respectively, take their level of caring to the nth degree. Secondly, our wonderful staff of Rabbeim/teachers “bleed Cheder blue”. Rabbeim will call me late at night or leave a message at unearthly hours of the morning asking about what they can do to help a particular talmid. 

Thirdly, we are blessed with extremely devoted, supportive and knowledgeable parents whose only wish is to see their children thrive in all areas. Our Mothers Association is a dynamo of energy and fresh initiatives, bringing smiles to our talmidim on a regular basis. Fourthly, we have an incredibly supportive staff of remedial Rabbeim and teachers and an office staff that’s unparalleled in its devotion to our Cheder. All of this would not be possible without the encouragement and hard work of our executive board of directors; who despite the challenges of meeting the Cheder’s growing budgetary needs, have uncompromisingly and selflessly risen to the challenge. Finally, we are blessed with a Cheder of beautiful, eager to learn and exuberant precious נשמות, who make it a pleasure to come to school each and every day.

Rabbi D. Gopin
Sgan Menahel

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Mrs. B. Ehrentreu
General Studies Supervisor

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What makes the Toronto Cheder so special? It is the extraordinary Rebbeim and teachers who create a feeling of simcha so tangible, inspiring every talmid. It is the dedicated staff who truly believe in their talmidim and bring out the very best in each and every one of them. They utilize the latest teaching strategies and the most current, effective pedagogical tools in their classrooms. Our devoted teachers go beyond the call of duty every single day at the Cheder. They are constantly improving, revising, reinventing, and adapting to meet the needs of each individual child. It isn’t unusual to find a teacher working one on one with a student during her free time. It isn’t unusual to walk into a classroom and observe a boy working on his own activity or assignment tailor made just for him. 

That is Chinuch at The Toronto Cheder.

Board of Directors

Having founded The Toronto Cheder 25 years ago, the Board of Directors has grown to represent a cross-section of the community. The Board shares the passion of the School’s hanhala in creating a premier Mosad Hachinuch in Toronto and is focused on ensuring the school can grow and thrive for many years to come.

Mr. Bentzion Berkovits
Mr. Bentzion Friedman
Mr. George Hofstedter
Mr. Shlomo Hofstedter
Rabbi Leib Irons

Mr. Moshe Janowski
Mr. Kalman Lowenthal
Mr. Yona Seliger
Mr. Moshe Sigler