Ongoing Programs

Shas Millim

A systematic program for mastering 200+ ש”ס מילים in ‘כתה ד providing the foundational skills for a life of successful learning.

Chumash Shorashim

A program for mastering 300+ שרשים in Pre-1A providing the building blocks for a life of successful learning.

Project בק”ר

An acronym for בקול רם, this program encourages תלמידים to daven בקול רם and concentrate on select parts of תפילה for a more meaningful davening.

המשך/חזרה גדולה

A weekly review of all that has been taught since the beginning of the year – and the previous year – to ensure that תלמידים retain what they have learned.

Erev Shabbos Mesiba

A unique program in which רביים and תלמידים reinforce their special relationship by singing hertzig nigguinim together, while preparing to embrace the קדושה of שבת.

Big Brother Learning

Weekly sessions in which older talmidim learn communication skills, and also stress the importance of chesed through studying with younger students.

Father & Son (FAS) Learning

Several times throughout the year fathers are invited to the Cheder for a Sunday morning or afternoon of learning with their sons.