Special Events

Haschalas Gemara

We have a special seudah where ‘כתה ה boys and their father’s celebrate the milestone of starting to learn Gemara.


We are privileged to have Rabbi Brogna join us each year so our boys can participate in shlugging kaparos.

Simchas Beis HaShoeva

All talmidim and their fathers are invited to our own sukkah for an exciting and lively simchas beis hashoeva with music and dancing.

Cheder Chanukah Mesiba

Older talmidim play a game of Chanuka bingo and are treated to donuts and latkes.  The younger grades get to decorate their own donut!

Brachos Bee

Boys are challenged to memorize the brachos to all types of foods and drinks.  The grand finale is a Brachos Bee in the Beis Medrash.

Apple Festival

Parents and grandparents are treated to a performance extraordinare showing the talents and learning of our kindergarten boys.

Tu B’Shevat

We thank the mothers’ association for dried fruit and apple cookies for the תלמידים in honour of ט”ו בשבת.

Ice Skating Trip

The mothers’ association treats the boys to a fun ice skating trip before mid-winter break.

Rosh Chodesh Adar Talent Show

Every תלמיד has talents.  With their רביים and חברים cheering them on, each individual is given the spotlight to build confidence and shine.

Purim Mesiba

Talmidim and their fathers are invited to a Purim Mesiba in their best costumes.  Prizes awarded to best dressed!

Alumni Breakfast

There is no such thing as “He was my תלמיד.” Once a תלמיד, always a תלמיד.  Our annual alumni breakfast allows תלמידים to reconnect with their חברים and most importantly to strengthen their קשר with their רביים.

General Studies Fair

Each year we are thrilled to host the school-wide General Studies fair.  The topic changes each year but we can always count on the boys’ hard work and phenomenal presentations!

Siddur Party

Pre-1A boys celebrate receiving their סדורים with a special performance for parents and grandparents.

גר”ח Raffles

The much anticipated גר”ח (גורל ראש חודש)‏ raffles are a highlight of the month where boys eagerly earn tickets for learning and davening towards great prizes every ראש חודש.